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    Skirt in cotton twill with White cotton tapes, details at the bottom of the skirt and straps . Risen waistband. Not removable straps and buttons. Closing the skirt in the back with a zip.

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    Dressed in floral and  fresh cotton fabric. English embroidery on all dress ends . Belted waistband and zipper back* Unic model

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  • Dressed in cotton and elastan fabric with some elasticity . Chest and skirt with frills, decorative buttons and satin ribbon at the waist for size adjustment . The Peticoat is not incluied with the dress. *Unic model

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    Pencil skirt with accentuated hips and waist.Tissue thin, fresh cotton. Split side and closure on the right side . Red cotton tapes. *Time of confecction after order paid: one week.

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    Straight pencil skirt in cotton fabric 55% and Elastan 45% . It no contains inner lining . Marked waistband with a split on the back of the skirt and a tie at the end . Closing the skirt on the back. The bow on the back and the Waistband are made of a color to combinate with the pattern of the skirt. * Time of development after order payd : one week half.

    42,58 €
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  • Dress in fresh cotton fabric. Skirt drawn up in 6 panels in which two on each side has fine pleats to accentuate hips and waist. Front pockets and ribbon at the waist to dress fit. Ties in removable straps and neck spout with embroidery detail . Closure in the back. *Time of development after order paid: one half week** For combination of different colors...

  • Cotton dress with zipper in the back. Ribbon at the waist to be able to adjust and take a bow in the back . Ties removable straps. Sweetheart Neckline. *Unic model

  • Dress all in cotton. Elaborated by 6 panels. Accentuated waist and zipper in the back. Detail of embroidered ribbon on the skirt of the base, along the seam and all around the neckline. Decorative buttons . * Unic model

  • Skirt in Cotton and Poliester with high waistband and invisible clasp in the back. Pockets in the sides.*Limited Edition

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    Oriental cut dress in Chinese pattern fabric with lace closures to match with the colors of the dress but being only decorative. Clasp on the back of the dress. Slice in front, side.A very elegant and glamorous dress for any outing.* Unique model.

    45,57 € 65,10 € -30%
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